Jim, Head Coach


Specialty: Helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals!

Jim loves triathlon because of the challenge, welcoming community and healthy lifestyle that it encourages.  He is a USAT certified coach who has been involved in the sport for over ten years.  Getting into the sport after retiring from his career as a collegiate soccer player, he has raced distances ranging from Sprint to Ironman. But, Jim is most passionate about helping other athletes improve and enjoy the sport.  When not coaching or training, you can find Jim hanging out with friends and family, walking his Siberian husky, or exploring Chicago’s endless restaurant scene.





Specialty: Former collegiate swimmer, you don't get the nickname "Fish" for no reason.


He's been swimming as long as he has been walking and still doesn't know which he likes better. He swam competively in high school and played on his collegiate water polo team. Rishan has been teaching individuals to swim for 16 years. He has been coaching teams for 13 years, including masters teams and a special olympics team. But Rishan also practices what he preaches and is constantly studying swim technique to improve his own stroke and uses that knowledge when coaching others. Rishan is a certified lifeguard.


He loves the multisport lifestyle, having competed in numerous events including Ironman Wisconsin 2014. The cyclist within him is begging to come out, so look for Rishan on the group rides and at a number of cycling races in the off season. He loves watching races as much as he loves competing in them.



Specialty:  Not freaking out is a learned skill and one that every first time athlete can learn from Gillian.


She was a backstroke champion at 5 years old but then entered a 20 year retirement. Swimming was her biggest hurdle into triathlons, and she has gone from quitting the swim of her first triathlon to swimming the San Francisco Bay four times. She believes that swimming is a mind game, but swimming effectively and efficiently is all about the technique. There is nothing more rewarding to her than seeing a swimmer go from hating the swim to not being able to wait to hit the water.


Owning our favorite triathlon store, Live Grit, keeps her pretty busy but in her free time she loves doing anything involving puppies and exploring new ways to push the limit in endurance sports.