Why work with a personal coach?

Are you busy with work, family and life in general and want to better maximize what time you have to train? Do you want to make your training sessions more fun and effective? Do you want to see more improvement in your results? If you answered yes to any of these questions, working with a USAT certified triathlon coach could be for you.

So why does it make sense for me to work with a coach? Will it really be worth it? The reality is that triathlon is both an art and a science, and it can be extremely complex. The science of the sport tells us that there are tried and proven methods that will yield results, as long as they are done safely and correctly. The challenge is that it takes years to fully understand this science, and there is always much more to learn. A good coach is experienced, knowledgeable and always trying to further educate themselves.

The art of the sport, and what I think is the more challenging of the two, is balancing that science within our increasingly demanding lives. In many ways, it is easier to be a professional triathlete than an age grouper. Professional triathletes can easily fit in every workout they need. That probably isn’t realistic for you. You need to fit in the best workout you can within the limited amount of time you have available. Not only that, you want to ensure you maintain the right amount of balance between training and the rest of your life, so that the sport is enjoyable and becomes part of a healthy lifestyle. As coaches, our goal is to not only help athletes improve but to also ensure that they avoid burnout. We want to make sure they have fun so that they stay involved with the sport for years to come!

If you still aren’t sure, here are a few other ways a coach can help you:

  • Maximize your time – You no longer have to sit down and plan out what your next workout or week of workouts will be, because your coach will already have your next workout planned for you.
  • Reduce stress – You no longer have to worry about what workouts to do, if they are the right ones, and if they are going to help you improve. You can trust your coach knows what workout will have the most positive impact and has your best interests in mind.
  • Get faster – Most athletes find that working with a coach leads to significant improvement in performance, even in the first year. It is no surprise that most professional athletes have a coach, even though they are already very knowledgeable themselves.
  • Avoid injury and burnout – An experienced coach will have a good understanding of how much training you can safely handle and will work with you to maximize performance while also ensuring you stay healthy both mentally and physically.
  • Goal setting – Your coach can help you set challenging yet realistic goals that will help you stay motivated.
  • Get advice – Your coach will be able to provide all sorts of helpful tips ranging from nutrition and equipment to race day strategy and everything between.   A coach wants you to succeed and is going to do all he or she can to help you.
  • Accountability – Knowing you have to report back to your coach will help you stay motivated and increase your chances of completing that day’s work out.
  • Customization – Your workouts and overall training plan are tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle needs. This is especially beneficial to athletes that are busy, have varying schedules or travel often.

Whether you are a triathlete or single sport athlete, a beginner or trying to go pro, working with a coach can be extremely beneficial. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact a Grit Endurance coach at coach@livegrit.com!